We Need Illusions

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Illusionism to live better
Open up minds
Children and magic, a special relationship
We Need Illusions
The purpose is to introduce young people and adults to the potential of creativity and magical art to:
  • open up and make themselves known, to confront each other;
  • create a new model of learning;
  • develop a different way.

The project is funded by Erasmus+ and aims to achieve the following priorities:
Magically educational action research model
01-06-2021 / 31-01-2022

Participatory workshops of magic and illusionism and related tools
01-02-2022 / 31-08-2022

Docufilm and final publication
01-08-2022 / 31-05-2023

E1 - To disseminate IO1 e IO2, organized by CONIL
September, 2022 in Romania

E2 - To disseminate IO3, organized by CRAS
May, 2023 in Poland

In Presence
III TPM (Italy. January 2022)
Intermediate TPM (Poland, May 2022)
Final TPM (Romania, April 2023)

Kick-off meeting (09/07/2021)
II virtual TMP (CRAS, September 2021)
V virtual TMP (Conil, September 2022)
VI virtula TPM (Idoneus, December 2022)

C1 - Romania
“Ex ante mobilties”
September 2022

C2 - Italy
“In itinere mobilties”
December 2022

C3 - Poland
“Ex post mobilties”
February 2023
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