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Intellectual Outputs

IO 1 - Magically educational action research model
Create a "magically educational research-action model", that is, a model that analyzes and deepens educational practice with different eyes, those of the magician and the illusionist.
The model will facilitate the non-discriminatory transferability of the tools to all young people.
The impact on the recipients of the project:
- provide young people with new tools to deal with situations;
- give adults / educators a new strategy to understand the cognitive levels of young people and new application tools;
- increased awareness and self-esteem of young people;
- facilitating the integration of young people within the school or social context.

IO 2 - Participatory workshops of magic and illusionism and related tools
Organize participatory workshops of magic and illusionism on the basis of the variables identified with the IO1.
Create the structure of the workshops in 3 parts: promise, achievement, prestige
Observe the situations that will be created.

IO 3 - Docufilm and final publication

Creation of the two final project documents, which will be disclosed to raise awareness on the use of this new education strategy, illusionism.
The docufilm will be the result of both the video footage taken during the workshops and the footage taken during short mobility. Its narrative and expressive elements will be captured
by reality, transformed into illusion, analyzed and delivered again to the end user with an innovative message.
The final publication, will be the textual testimony that will mark the project over time as the first good practice on illusionism in education.

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