Partner - We Need Illusions

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The strength of the project: the partnership
Applicant - ensures the success of the entire project, dealing with research of data and information on the added value that magic can bring to education, designing the model of research-action on this added value and the creation of the documentary film based on the most significant audiovisual contributions of the workshops, interviews and talks.
Partner - specializes in art and its contaminations (illusionism, theater, dance, circus, music and visual arts), addresses the contents of the research-action model and in devising and organizing innovative participatory workshops of magic and illusionism.
Partner - supports "social groups at special risk", that is, the unemployed (young people, non-members, long-term unemployed), disabled people, people who use social assistance for a long time and on combating the phenomenon of unemployment and its negative effects.
Partner - supports the identification and analysis of the needs and requirements of young people with disabilities and the implementation of the research-action model, chooses a sample of young people who will experiment with this model, participating in workshops and responding to interviews.
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